Vitamin A

Everybody knows that vitamins have are important for our body and health. But what are the individual vitamins actually good for? What do they do for our body and how can we best consume them? To answer these questions I will start a new series in which I explain the individual vitamins in detail. Today […]

Workout routine for beginners

Everyone has to start once and this is no different with sports. Every athlete once had his first visit to the gym and, like you, may have been overwhelmed by the numerous possibilities. That’s why I’m introducing you to a workout routine for beginners in order to help you to get started. In addition, this […]

Top 5 stretching exercises

I have already mentioned several times the importance of regular stretching for every athlete. But even if you are currently not active in sports, you should not neglect your stretching. If you are well stretched and mobile you can prevent many injuries and often minimize the risk of injury.That’s why I’m going to introduce you […]

Study tips for busy students

Further education is indispensable in every phase of life nowadays. Thus, studying in addition to your professional activity is no longer a rarity. It is obvious that this can be very stressful and it can be hard to fulfill your academic obligations. Therefore, I will share with you my top study tips that help me […]

Top 5 brainfoods for studying

You’ve been studying for some hours and you’re slowly craving for snacks? Who does not know this feeling. But what foods should you eat to ensure that can focus optimally and to maintain your concentration? In this article, I’ll give you my top 5 brainfoods that I like to eat while studying! Nuts In addition […]

Push/Pull (Legs)

Labeled as “the best workout split” by many anthletes, push/pull is certainly one of the best known and most popular training plans – and that’s for a reason. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, with the push/pull plan you can not go wrong. In this blogpost, I’ll tell you everything you need to know […]

Gym vs. Homegym

For more than 6 years, I have been doing my weight training at home without any major restrictions. However, this era ends now and I will soon sign up in a gym. Why I made this decision and what are the advantages and disadvantages of training in the gym? Read on to find out! Why? […]

My Bullet Journal

A month ago I already introduced the Bullet Journal and the benefits of this system. But as there are many ways to customize a Bullet Journal to suit your personal needs, I’ll show you how I built mine in this blog post. Keep reading and let yourself be inspired to start your own Bullet Journal! […]

Fitness Cheesecake

A healthy diet and sweet treats. When you read this, I am sure that you think these two things are incompatible. Are they?I did some experimenting and baked a “Fitness Cheesecake”, which is great in taste but also from a nutritional viewpoint. A healthy diet while still eating some cake is possible! Ingredients 600g cream […]

How do I train?

Very often people ask me what or how exactly I actually train. Often you see me doing a bodyweight workout, another time bench pressing for maximum strength and another time swimming or running. The answer to this question? I train everything! How exactly I do this and what I pay attention to? You will find […]